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Newell V Starks

Hands-On Problem Solver with 30+ Years Broad Business Experience

Newell V Starks


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Home Services Near Me LLC

Managing Member

Hiring Home Services, Simplified.

Based in Austin, Texas, Home Services Near Me LLC is a home maintenance service company committed to lessening the burden of property owners. Always acting in your best interests, our team of highly skilled technicians is proficient at addressing all minor or major issues of your household.

Whether you’re dealing with cracked roof shingles or faulty HVAC units, nothing is beyond our scope of technical expertise.

Your Lead Partners LLC

Managing Member

Your Lead Partners is an online platform that helps businesses convert raw leads into Qualified Prospects that will quickly convert into sales.

Your Lead Partners leverages my decades of experience working in numerous industries to help small business owners. Our company can help you automate many aspects of your marketing efforts, resulting in more profitable sales for your business.

Our SaaS was designed to attract and drive profitable new customers to your business. This software provides you, as a business owner, an in-depth look at your marketing efforts, so you can improve deficient areas and strengthen tactics and strategies.

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Newell V Starks

Introducing Newell V Starks

Hands-On Problem Solver with 30+ Years Broad Business Experience.

Broad experience starting from manual labor, construction, lawn maintenance, retail and factory work through diverse engineering, sales, marketing, management, and executive positions. Many years as an active investor and board member in a variety of companies. Well versed and experienced in practical corporate tax, GAAP, and legal matters particularly related to M&A, Startup and Leveraged Buyouts. Technical background in hardware and software with eclectic array of experience in various computer architecture and system matters.

Newell V Starks

Newell V Starks Education:

The Founding Managing Member of Your Lead Partners LLC, and Home Services Near Me LLC, Newell Starks, has an extensive technical and business background including:

BSEE Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

MBA University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Focus on Business Startups and Strategy.

Self-awarded PhD in the School of Hard Knocks, along with most other entrepreneurs.

Newell V Starks

Personal Interests

Personal Interest in advancing careers of talented young professionals aspiring to run companies either as CEOs or business owners and assisting in rapid career advancement particularly related to those wishing to advance quickly.

My interests today are transactional; geared to getting things done efficiently and effectively while solving difficult problems and closing deals. Creating Your Lead Partners LLC and Home Services Near Me LLC, embodies the best concepts I have learned or believe exist in business.

Fundamentally, a Delaware business is about increasing shareholder value. The basic flaw with most companies, I believe, has been the misalignment of the Board, Executives, Management and Employees with that singular Delaware construct, maximizing shareholder value over the long run. I’ve always summarized it as “the Greedy Bastard” problem.

The fact is that few people consistently act as shareholder fiduciaries, when placed in that position, more often, they tend to simply act in their own self-interests, hiding behind lawyers / legalese to justify their corporate positions or decisions in order to create inordinate personal financial gains with little regard to the overall shareholders. That will not happen within our companies.

Genuine shareholder value is created at a company’s genesis and continues to be created by employees in various ways. A person can only appreciate this if one has truly created value or witnessed that value created, then shared in the benefits proportionately.

I am very aware of the Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyout, Private Equity Model for wealth creation. Frankly those models focus primarily on the creation of long-term after-tax wealth creation for the founding general partner’s families. This is my goal for my family.

My own perspective is that most value is created by employees of a company, rather than Executives. Exceptional business concepts, negotiations or other value-added propositions almost always originate with a clever individual, rarely with an Executive. Yet, rewards, often accrue to the Executives rather than to the individual.

My objective is to structurally alter this construct, within our companies, and tangibly reward those individuals whose proposals result in high value-added increases for shareholder value. Even if those individuals are among the lowest paid employees when they make that proposal. Our companies will reward those individuals who are both productive, and who are productively creative, vis a vis value-added proposals that come to fruition.

Ours is a Dynamic Organic Business comprised of Thinking People supplemented by Automation. What our Business does today, and how it does it, will be significantly different than what our Business will do tomorrow because of the Thoughtful People who are in it, along with the evolution of Technology and how it can be utilized to further help our customers' profitability improvement.

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Your Lead Partners LLC

Managing Member

The secret to having it all in one place is here. Our sales experts and marketing team will provide your business with exponential rise in marketing exposure.This is a complicated task if handled by any other service provider that have cheap and ineffective strategies.

Started 2021

Home Services Near Me LLC

Managing Member

Based in Austin, Texas, Home Services Near Me LLC is a home maintenance service company committed to lessening the burden of property owners. Always acting in your best interests, our team of highly skilled technicians is proficient at addressing all minor or major issues of your household.

Started 2021

Advisor to CEO

As an advisor, I assisted the CEO on corporate development strategies and internet marketing-related business opportunities. I was personally responsible for learning, modifying, and creating graphic designs for various internet projects. Almost all the original work displayed was produced by Irene Mari Torres.

2013 – 2020

Stratos International, Inc

Vice Chairman, Chief Strategy Officer

I initiated, led, and consummated the merger between Sterling Holding Company and Stratos Lightwave. I assisted in complex financial and tax matters along with specific Board control matters that required closure,

2003 – 2007

Sterling Holding Company

Founding Board Member, Chairman

Sterling Holding Company was created for a Leveraged Buyout I initiated at Citicorp Venture Capital (CVC) to purchase two companies, Trompeter Electronics, and its primary supplier, in Oregon.

1989 – 2003

Texas Instruments

Strategic Marketing Manager

At the corporate headquarters strategy position, I worked to reposition TI in the data processing, telecommunications, and consumer markets.

1982 – 1984

Citicorp Venture Capital – Dallas, TX Office

Vice President

Citicorp Venture Capital (CVC) originally funded only Venture Capital transactions. During my tenure, our organization transitioned primarily toward funding primarily Leveraged Buyouts.

1984 – 1991

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Stop Paying for Raw Leads that send you down Dead Ends or Premium Services with Zero Results. Why Pay upfront, waste your Sales Representative' time, and also take on all the Business Risks? If you're Fed Up Chasing Expensive Leads to No End, please click on to discuss what we can do to improve the success of your company together.


This information fine-tunes my system so that you receive the Customized Qualified Prospects You Deserve.

Stop Paying for Raw Leads that send you down Dead Ends or Premium Services with Zero Results.

Why Pay upfront, waste your Sales Representatives' time, and also take on all the Business Risks?

I've been in business successfully for over 40-years and I ONLY GET PAID FOR RESULT! I DO NOT RECEIVE PAYMENT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE PAYMENT.

If you're Fed Up Chasing Expensive Leads to No End, please reach out to me for an Appointment at (512) 872-4703 call or text.

Let's discuss what we can do to improve the success of your company together.

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Take the First Steps using digital Growth to Accelerate Profits

Capture, Convert, Delight the ideal user experience we ensure for your potential customer. YourLeadPartners isn’t just a name. Our lead generation services in the USA are just the start. In addition, we offer lead scoring tools, automated actions, and much more. Develop a funnel, go after qualified leads, convert them into clients, repeat – Take action with Your Lead Partners!

Unlock Your Full Business Potential
Increase Productivity

Streamline Your Business Operations

Get your marketing and sales team on the same page, and don’t miss out on solid leads. That’s possible with our marketing automation templates.

Make Time for Your Leads

When Opportunity Knocks – Answer.

At YourLeadPartners, we ensure you never miss an appointment as your meetings with leads are automatically added to the calendar. The better prepared you are, the more chances you have to convert leads.

Ensure Cross-Platform Communication

Multiple Channels Are Always Better Than One

Why target one platform when you can do it across multiple digital channels? As our name suggests, we are your lead partners for innovative and smart nurture campaigns. With us, you can delight the maximum audience with minimal effort.

Features Designed to Drive Your Business Forward and Beyond
Automated Cross-Platform Follow Up

One of the best practices for lead conversions is consistent follow-up across multiple platforms. Think you’ll miss out? Not to worry, as our software will automate these activities. From SMS marketing automation to other platforms, YourLeadPartners won’t ever let you down.

Convenient Team Collaboration

Lead updates, campaign tracking, conversion efforts – optimize your business activities and achieve fruitful results. Our software also keeps the sales and marketing team on the same page.

Appointment Booking

YourLeadPartners makes sure your entire focus is on converting leads instead of booking appointments and checking availabilities. For that, our software offers an automated AI booking system.

Lead Status Tracking

Too much workload for one individual results in lower productivity. That’s why our software distributes the leads among your team and tracks progress.

Automatically Connect with Inbound Leads

Say goodbye to ever forgetting a scheduled call. Our lead nurturing services in USA make sure to transfer the call when the lead is ready to communicate with you.

Never Miss a Lead
Business activities can get hectic, which may cause you to forget important meetings with leads and other activities. This calls for an activity reminder, which is what our software offers.

Centralized Communication
When leads pile up, it can get confusing to keep track of the conversation across different platforms. To avoid queries and ambiguities arising, subscribe to our software.

Detailed Reporting
Our software gives you the insight to observe the marketing efforts and the progress while reflecting on making it even better.

Track Progress on Mobile App
Want to receive updates and statuses on the go? Look no further, as that’s what YourLeadPartners’ software has to offer, on your mobile phone.
Looking for Smooth Integration of Multiple Marketing Tools?
Equip yourself with the tools that can grow your clientele -
minus any hassles or efforts on your part
Plans For Business Of All Sizes

Amplify Your Business Growth with The Perfect Plan
Which customer services do you provide?
All of our packages come with 24/7 support. We give priority to our clients and ensure we’re available to answer their questions and queries.

Where can I get started?
According to your preferences and business requirements, you can select any one of the available (Gold or Platinum) packages to start your business growth journey.

Is my data secure?
At YourLeadPartners, we pride ourselves on our ethical values. So, we make sure your data isn’t compromised or accessed by any unauthorized individual.

Who can benefit from this software?
Predominantly, our target audience consists of small and medium-sized businesses looking for SaaS platform to automate their marketing efforts.

What are the available payment methods?
You can subscribe by paying via your credit card in USD. If there is any confusion or complication, our customer representatives are at your service.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?
Yes, you are not bound when you sign up for a package. You can cancel your subscription
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